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Short workout ideas for indoor or outdoor fitness

Senior Wellness | Feb 15, 2017

Staying active can seem difficult for senior citizens, especially those with physical or mental ailments. Yet, exercise is not impossible. Instead, people over the age of 50 should keep their workouts short. This way, seniors will still gain the benefits of exercise without overdoing it. Here are some ideas for both indoor and outdoor fitness for this age group:

"Swimming is a low-impact exercise perfect for seniors."

Go for a swim

Not only is getting in the pool a low-impact workout, but the activity improves flexibility and heart health, reduces stress and boosts overall mental health. On top of that, being in the water is refreshing. There are a number of exercises seniors can participate in in the pool, from aerobics to yoga to basic swimming and more, according to American Senior Communities. These exercises can be enjoyed alone or in a group, giving people access to a new community with a shared interest.


Waltzing, tangoing and more doesn't have to end just because of a person's age. Dancing builds seniors' strength, improves their mood and provides an active sort of therapy. People over 50 years old could sign up for a dance class with their spouse or with their friends, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center. It's an activity seniors of all ages can do together. And if seniors enroll by themselves, they're sure to meet a fun group of new people to groove with.

Take a walk

Even the easiest exercise can be beneficial for seniors. People over the age of 50 can walk both indoors and outdoors, depending on their preference and ability. A jaunt around the home is a good place to start before graduating to loops around a local park. Those who are capable of a small incline and a more rugged environment could go for a hike to increase their heart rate and burn some additional calories.

"Seniors can ride both stationary or moving bikes."

Ride a bike

Another low impact activity comes in the form of bike riding. This is both an inside and outside exercise since seniors can choose between stationary and moving options. People can also choose the type of bike they ride depending on their body's abilities. Those with bad backs can use a recumbent model, which is also recommended for a majority of seniors, according to the Houston Chronicle.


Go for a strike! Bowling is a great indoor activity that builds social skills and improves mental and physical health. The constant motion speeds up metabolism, which can lead to weight loss and a healthy heart. Seniors can partake in this exercise with friends as well as family. Not only is bowling easy to learn but it is good for people of all ages as it is a great stress reliever, according to Health Fitness Revolution.


Remember the days of going to the roller rink or skating on a frozen pond in winter? Seniors don't have to stop this activity just because they reach a certain age. Skating strengthens leg and core muscles and helps seniors maintain and improve their balance, according to The Washington Post. Although the exercise is a little higher impact than swimming, it can build bone density due to its focus on being a weight bearing workout. Since there is a risk of falling while skating, seniors should consult their doctors to make sure this activity is safe.

Indoor and outdoor exercises like the ones mentioned above keep people healthy and strong.

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