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How single retirees can enjoy life's many offerings

Senior Wellness | Dec 01, 2016

You might not be able to enjoy retirement with a spouse or a loved one, but this doesn't mean you have to spend your time without a social life.

Retirees who spend the majority of their time alone are more prone to developing memory issues as they age. Furthermore, maintaining a secluded lifestyle means some seniors can miss out on the many social benefits of life.

Retirement is the time of your life when you're supposed to be able to enjoy everything life has to offer. Now that you're done working, you can do as you please. Even if you don't have a spouse to enjoy these moments with, you can still take part in fun activities and maintain a healthy social life.

Find something that interests you

You don't need to spend your retirement years alone. In that interest, create a list of areas and topics that appeal to you. From there, try to find groups of people who have the same interest as you. The internet has made it easier than ever to connect with similar-minded individuals, and it's something you can take advantage of.

"You don't need to spend your retirement years alone."

These interest groups can encompass just about any field, from cooking and gardening to sports and movies. Some community colleges even offer programs specifically for seniors.

Alternatively, simply going to the gym on a regular basis throughout the week can also be a good way to interact with other individuals. Get to know someone well enough and you may just find a new workout partner or two.


The Greater Goods Research Center stated volunteering can help seniors reap positive emotional, social and physical effects from volunteering.

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities, such as taking time out of your day to help with youth programs at the library or assisting at a soup kitchen this winter.

Stay involved

Depending on your living situation, you may use your retirement years to downsize. If and when this happens, you should seek to stay involved in local community events. Events such as farmers markets and art gallery openings can be a good way to remain socially active and partake in something you enjoy.

If you reside at a senior living community, you can stay involved by participating in the many events that they host.

"You should seek to stay involved in any local community events."

Travel the country and world

Traveling may seem daunting if you'll be alone, but it's a decision you should strongly consider. According to USA Today, some travel organizations offer programs specifically designed for single seniors wishing to explore domestically or abroad.

Traveling has many benefits, from experiencing new cultures and cities to seeing some of the world's most famous attractions.

You'll be able to choose a trip based specifically on what you enjoy. For instance, if you prefer to take a more educational trip, consider looking at Road Scholar to see what they offer.

Keep in mind that when booking these trips you'll likely be traveling with other singles and sometimes couples. This presents an opportunity to create friendships during the journey. If there's always been a city or country you've wanted to see, there's no better time to do so than when you're retired.

There are numerous social opportunities for seniors. From volunteering to traveling, single retirees can still enjoy everything life has to offer.