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The benefits of a weekend getaway

Senior Wellness | Jul 28, 2016

Even if you're retired, a weekend getaway can work wonders.

These trips, which are often no more than three days in length, can be looked at as simpler forms of vacation. Heading to a lake house or taking a short flight to a neighboring city represent good ways to relax without the hassles of booking a long vacation or spending too much money.

But there are other benefits a weekend getaway provides that you might find appealing.

You can save money

During retirement, every dollar counts. You may have built up a strong retirement portfolio during your working years, but that doesn't give you free rein to spend your hard-earned money without care.

"Weekend vacations don't require you to book lavish and expensive hotels."

Weekend vacations don't require you to book lavish and expensive hotels, as Lifehack pointed out. If you're looking for a getaway where you'll spend most of your time outside, a cheaper hotel is more than suitable for just a couple of nights. To make the most out of your hotel stay, book a room in places that provide a decent amount of amenities. Continental breakfasts are popular options at many locations.

You can also save money on travel expenses. Booking a trip across across the country or overseas will likely run you close to $1,000, if not more in some instances. But weekend getaways will be cheaper because you aren't traveling as far. Your trip may only be a drive no more than a few hours, in which case you just have to account for gas.

Recharge and explore

Before you reached retirement, you might have envisioned your time off of work as one full of relaxation and where your worries would decline. After all, you would no longer have to worry about the daily tasks found at every job.

But retirement may not have turned out exactly as you expected. Life doesn't end when you leave the workforce, and you still have to account for some responsibilities in your life, such as house maintenance and also checking in on your children.

For instance, you might have agreed to watch your grandchildren while your son or daughter is away at work. At this point, you know all too well how tired you can get while watching young kids.

Running errands, visiting the doctor and maintaining your home are all activities that can quickly drain someone's energy and cause them to develop a routine that isn't satisfying.

A weekend getaway fixes that because when you're away from home, you're focused on having fun and ensuring you have a pleasant time. That isn't possible if you stay at your house because you're always reminded of things that need to be completed. But you also shouldn't feel the need to cram everything in at once, Budget Travel advised.

When you set out on having a good time, it can lead you to discover new and interesting towns and areas you might not have previously thought of, or knew existed. Some of these smaller towns have developed into areas that provide intimate and unique experiences that are hard to come by in major cities or suburbs such as a greater sense of community and togetherness.

"With weekend getaways, you can just go as you please."

You can enjoy the moment

Longer vacations typically need to be planned out weeks and months in advance. From the airfare to rental car agreements and sightseeing adventures, you have to decide your agenda ahead of time to the point where you might start to stress.

With weekend getaways, you can just go as you please. If on Monday you and and your spouse feel like take a short trip, you can pack lightly and head out Thursday and come home Sunday. These weekend escapes are easy, refreshing and should be beneficial to your health and happiness.