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Winter activities outside of home

Industry News | Dec 01, 2015

Most individuals and families have a common misconception when it comes to passing the time during the cold months. For many, they look to cozy up under a blanket and watch their favorite movies or binge watch a Netflix show.


Those are perfect ways to relax during the winter, especially when temperatures dip below freezing and snow is falling. But staying inside is not the only option. In fact, some of the year's best activities occur during the winter.

"Some of the year's best activities occur during the winter."

Check out some of these activities if you're living in an area where winter has already started to make its mark:

Outdoor physical activities
With the right outwear, going for a jog or a hike can be a pleasant experience. Before stepping foot outside, make sure you have the right gear. Likewise, don't let the cold deter you from getting in a daily run or bike ride.

For physical activities, you'll want to wear a base layer, typically consisting of thermal tights and a long-sleeve mock neck, such as the ones offered from popular athletic apparel companies. Next, layer up with pants and some type of pullover or zip-up jacket, in addition to a sweat wicking hat and gloves. Exercising outdoors is somewhat tricky because you want to find the right balance between warmth and comfort. Too much bulk can slow you down while jogging or add unnecessary weight when riding a bike.

If you're walking through the backcountry or maybe even around the park, wear a good pair of waterproof and insulated boots to protect your feet. Layers are also important, with the last one being a warm jacket. As long as you have the right clothing, going outside won't become that much of a hassle.

Spend time at winter events
Many cities and towns hold annual holiday events, such as tree lighting ceremonies and outdoor markets. Take advantage of these offerings because they can make for some truly remarkable experiences if the weather is just right.

The weather plays a huge role on seasonal classics: snowboarding and skiing. Bring out your camera and head to the nearest hill with your grandchildren to capture some teriffic moments as the grandkids head down to the bottom. With today's smartphone cameras, you can capture some truly remarkable photographs and videos.

With skiing, you may find it tempting to visit a resort, if you don't live near one already. These areas often have tons of snow to satisfy that urge, and even newcomers can ski on the beginner slopes.

Another winter-related activity includes ice skating. You don't need to have prior experience before lacing up and stepping on the rink to enjoy a few laps with family. Consider organizing an outing with your family to pick out a tree, or even head out to the wilderness to cut one down. The family bonding is sure to be memorable.

Old habits, new times
The winter months often influence whether individuals want to brave the cold. Use this to your advantage by going to a mall, museum, or even grocery shopping when it won't be as crowded. Many city attractions offer winter attractions to entice visitors. For example, some local zoos may put up holiday lighting throughout the area. An evening stroll with hot chocolate in hand is a perfect way to spend a winter night.

"The cold months are an excellent way to spend some time volunteering."

Try not to let the cold knock you off your workout habits either. The drive over to the gym may not be pleasant, but maintaining your workout schedule will help boost your mood and keep you happy, something everyone can use when the sun sets quite early.

Volunteer when possible
The cold months are an excellent way to spend some time volunteering at the local animal or homeless shelter. Numerous organizations exist across the country that are always looking for help preparing meals or taking care of animals.

According to Senior Advisor, some hospitals look for baby cuddling volunteers to hold newborns staying longer in the neonatal intensive care unit. If you're unsure where to get started, the Corporation for National and Community Service oversees the Senior Corps Programs, which connect volunteers with many opportunities.

While it's appealing to stay inside during the winter, there are plenty of fun activities and volunteer opportunities available that every senior should look into.