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Buying a smartphone for the first time

Senior Wellness | Sep 28, 2015

In today's age of information, many people depend greatly on their smartphones and tablets. They offer users access to the Internet, email, messaging, phone calls, photographs and so much more. Pew Research Center indicated that six in every 10 seniors use the web for browsing and connecting. If you are interested in joining the trend, follow this simple guide for purchasing a smartphone:

Advantages of a smartphone
Owning a device that provides you with so many resources is very beneficial. Home Instead Senior Care, a resource for caregivers, noted that seniors who own smartphones have a number of perks right at their fingertips. They can easily connect with their family and friends using features like instant messaging, video chat and even social networking. Older adults can quickly call a hospital or health care provider if an emergency arises.

In addition, smartphones have made leaps and bounds in their abilities. According to the Disability Rights Center of the Virgin Islands, many of the advancements benefit older adults. Screens are larger, and users can adjust fonts to larger sizes. Sending texts with voice activation, the availability of useful applications that can help you monitor your medications and other tasks are some of the benefits smartphones can offer.

Smartphones also offer the ability to share photographs and videos. You can receive and take high-quality photos with your phone. Investing in a new smartphone is also a great way to easily store memories in the palm of your hand.

Selecting a device
After you decide to purchase a smartphone, speak with a cellphone provider about devices that are available. There are a number of options that you can choose from, and it is important to know the pros and cons to each device.

When looking at phones, buying a phone that is simple to use, Eldergadget suggested. Try using the smartphones available to help you determine whether they are easy to navigate and use.

If you feel comfortable using eBay or have a friend or family member that is familiar with the site, consider purchasing a phone that might be more affordable. If you select this option, remember these details:

  • Whether the phone is locked or unlocked
  • Whether the phone is has been jailbreaked
  • Whether the phone is damaged and how significantly

A new smartphone has many advantages. If you decide to purchase one, conduct a little research to determine which option is best for you.