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Do a few Sudokus

Senior Wellness | Sep 15, 2015

Hobbies for seniors at home becomes more important when temperatures are cooler. Sudoku puzzles are an entertaining way for you to stay snuggled up and warm while integrating an entertaining challenge into a cold day. Sudoku is a puzzle where you figure out a pattern using numbers and clues. This game allows you to exercise your brain, and it may even help to slow mental decline. The Alzheimer Society of Canada noted that Sudoku and a few other puzzles were among some of the recommended activities that can help improve your brain.

According to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, cognitive exercises can help healthy older adults keep their minds sharp.

Benefits of playing Sudoku
The research found all three groups of participants demonstrated an improvement in their memories five years after the initial study. The individuals involved in the experiment were asked to perform certain tasks that exercised their minds during the study and a follow up evaluated their ability to remember information provided. The participants who underwent cognitive training saw an improvement in their overall memory.

"The participants who underwent cognitive training saw an improvement in their overall memory."

Psychology Today also indicated that puzzles like Sudoku may offer a sense of satisfaction. With an activity like Sudoku, you can complete the problem and have a correct solution. This is a great way for you to relieve mental tension that may build up from being unable to solve problems that arise. It may also serve as a break from life's stresses and give you a chance to relax while exercising your mind.

How to play Sudoku
When playing Sudoku, your goal is to fill a grid so that each row and column of the nine boxes is filled with all the digits from one through nine without repeating. The puzzle will have some numbers already located in some of the cells. These cannot be altered.

You can make your own puzzles, find them in newspapers and magazines or purchase collections from a store.