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Astounding U.S. travel destinations near you

Senior Wellness | Sep 15, 2015

Everyone loves taking a vacation. Fortunately, there are a number of unique and beautiful destinations right here in the U.S. Exploring the world is a great way to spend your time during retirement. If you are looking to travel, there are a variety of places you can visit that may be closer and more affordable. Check out these locations from four regions of the country:

Destination of the north
If you are looking for a place to visit in the northern part of the country, consider checking out the Boundary Waters. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service noted that the canyons, hills, streams, lakes and other beautiful scenery in the preserve were caused by glaciers. With over 1 million acres of canoe routes, hiking trails, fishing spots and campsites, this destination is perfect for someone who appreciates the great outdoors.

Treasure in the south
For the traveler who loves a little history and a little bit of the city, San Antonio, Texas, is a great spot to check out. This southern town has the Alamo, a beautiful riverwalk, museums, historical parks, theme parks, sports teams and, of course, delicious food.

Fodor's Travel recommended visiting this Texas town during one of its many different festivals. You can enjoy an educational festival at Remembering the Alamo Weekend or experience a festive fiesta. Do a little research and figure out a time you can go and participate in events you will truly love.

West coast marvel
Yosemite national park in California is a breathtaking destination you have to see for yourself. Lifetime admission to this beautiful destination is only $10 for seniors who are 62 or older, according to the National Park Service. In addition, there are a number of days when entrance is free.

This is the perfect spot for older adults who want to just bird watch, picnic or admire the beauty of nature and for seniors who enjoy a more active lifestyle and may be interested in water activities, camping or hiking.

Eastern travel hot spot
According to Visit Myrtle Beach, there are a number of fun activities for everyone in this East Coast town. Enjoy famous golf courses, live entertainment, fishing and beautiful beaches.

Myrtle Beach is a great destination with fantastic weather and plenty of attractions. Relax and check out this fantastic vacation hot spot.

Remember that there are fun and exciting places you can travel to without going to far. There is something in all the corners of the U.S, and you can easily explore them.