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Chair yoga for wellness

Senior Wellness | Jul 23, 2015

There are a number of exercises you can do easily as a senior that can help improve your strength and flexibility. The National Institute on Aging noted that ensuring you regularly exercise and remain active can help improve both your physical and mental wellness. Luckily, you can incorporate healthy activities into your daily routine by practicing chair yoga.

Benefits of chair yoga
Chair yoga is a type of exercise that is particularly conducive to older adults. Chair yoga is a type of yoga where all poses are done while seated in a chair. According to a pilot study published in the International Journal of Yoga, elderly individuals who are at risk of falling or want to improve their balance and strength can benefit from doing yoga. Chair yoga offers the benefits of yoga while still being easy to perform regularly by older adults who might struggle getting on the floor. In addition, Get Fit Where You Sit, a resource for chair yoga, noted that chair yoga is especially fantastic for those who might have disabilities or lack flexibility.

Chair yoga can help you incorporate healthy activity in your day no matter what. Symptoms associated with arthritis can keep you from wanting to exercise regularly. Chair yoga accommodates any stiffness or discomfort you might feel because you will not be forced to move up and down on a yoga mat. This also holds true for any chronic pain that might impact your daily life negatively.

Regularly practicing chair yoga for one hour every day over the course of three months can help you combat the risk of heart disease, according to Get Fit Where You Sit. By incorporating this type of exercise in your regular schedule, you can lower your blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

This type of yoga can be easily and conveniently done from any chair. Practicing this form of activity is beneficial because it does not require any special materials or exercise equipment, which helps increase your ability to stick to a regimen wherever you are located. Whether you are at home, on vacation or visiting family, you can always find a chair and start working on your exercises.

"This type of yoga can be easily and conveniently done from any chair."

Chair yoga exercises
This activity consists of several various poses. However, there are a few basic ones that you can do. According to Do You Yoga, chair yoga poses help promote your body's strength and range of motion.

Always warm up before beginning chair yoga. You can do this by doing various poses for 30 seconds at a time. The candle pose requires that you keep your feet flat on the floor with your back straight and arms over your head with your hands pressed together in a prayer position. Another pose that you can easily do is the forward bend. Keep your feet planted flat on the floor and bend forward to touch your toes.

Research a few different poses and find ones that you can enjoy and incorporate into your daily work outs.