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Great websites for your life

Finance & Planning | Jul 16, 2015

The Internet is a fantastic tool that allows you to access a limitless pool of information, stay connected with your loved ones and even manage various components of your lives, such as banking or shopping. As the Internet has developed, businesses housed online have also blossomed. A computer for seniors and access to the Web can provide you with greater convenience and simplify your life. Below is a list of some sites that can help you accomplish everyday tasks and enhance your life:

Improve your experience in the kitchen
Home Chef Kitchen provide customers with convenience when preparing food. Both of these Internet startups serve as fantastic tools that older adults will likely appreciate a great deal.
If you would like to invest more time in cooking, Home Chef delivers all the ingredients for chef-like dishes with accompanying recipe cards. By signing up, you can let your professional shopper know whether you have any special dietary needs, when you would like Home Chef to deliver your supplies and select which meals you prefer. The site provides you with information regarding each recipe's calories and how long it takes to prepare. You can easily pick fun and delicious meals to prepare throughout the week.

The Kitchin is a fantastic site and mobile application that is especially great for seniors. By simply taking a snapshot with your smartphone of your grocery receipt and you can digitally organize all of your food. Your digital kitchen can help you track what you have in your pantry and fridge, let you know when items expire and even suggest recipes for the food you currently have. This can make food preparation in your kitchen easy and simple.

"Home Chef and Kitch?in provide customers with convenience when preparing food."

Simplified dry cleaning
Washio is an application for your phone that allows you to place a dry cleaning order, have it picked up, serviced and returned the next day. Other similar apps that are available include:

  • Zoots
  • Klinke
  • DRYV

This gives you the opportunity to enjoy dry-cleaned clothes without having to deal with the hassle of bringing clothes in to a store and coming back to pick them up later.

Make giving back easier
If you prioritize the importance of philanthropy in your life, Public Good is a fantastic website that can make doing this simpler. By selecting what issues are most important to you, you can find a nonprofit to donate to. For example, if you want to work toward ending hunger and homelessness, all you need to do is select that option and the site will lead you to a number of organizations that fall under that category.

You can donate directly through the site or simply use this as a spring board to begin further research about different charities you can contribute to.

Make shopping a breeze
The Internet gives you the ability to access professional designers and great clothing quickly and easily. By using websites like Mac & Mia, Rocksbox and Stitch Fix, you can shop for grandkids or yourself all online.

Mac & Mia provides you with a great tool you can use to buy any of your little grandchildren or other young ones you may know great outfits. A personal stylist hand picks various garments that match your unique profile specifications, and all items are shipped to you free of charge. Mac & Mia provides clothes for everyone from newborns to six year-olds.

Stitch Fix and Rocksbox are great ways to treat yourself to fun clothing and jewelry. By simply taking a style quiz on Stitch Fix and creating an account you can receive five personal pieces delivered right to your door. Send back what you don't like for free and pay for the items you do. Rocksbox follows the same concept but with fun jewelry.