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A guide to Blue Button and its benefits

Medicare | Jul 16, 2015

Computers and the internet have improved many aspects of life. Health care is no exception. Medicare coverage offers Blue Button, which is a tool that gives you the option and ability to download your personal health information quickly, easily and securely. This is one of the more crucial Medicare benefits, and it has the ability to keep vital information conveniently on your personal computer or other devices.

Why use it?
Blue Button allows you to easily share information regarding your health with loved ones and other health care providers because you can save the information to a PDF or TXT file, according to Medicare.gov. Additionally, it gives you access to your medications, test results and updated vaccination record.

When you use Blue Button, HealthIT.gov points out the various advantages of having the same information available to everyone involved in your health. If you are able to access your health records, you can ensure that all information is correct and complete. In the instance that there are any errors, bringing this to the attention of your health care provider is simple and can help prevent an incorrect diagnosis or medication prescription.

In case of an emergency, giving access to your health records to loved ones or caregivers may prove to be especially beneficial for your treatment. Share this access with relatives and those individuals that you trust most.

How to downloading your health record

  1. Login to your Medicare account
  2. Look for the Blue Button
  3. Click on the Blue Button
  4. Choose what health information you would like to download to your computer or mobile device
  5. Click submit
  6. Save file onto your computer or mobile device

Protect your information
When you have downloaded your health care information, make sure you properly secure it. Keep any paper copies that you might print in a safe place. Also consider downloading your record onto a flash drive or CD. If you believe another person has taken or downloaded your information, call Medicare.