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3 famous people who found success in retirement

Senior Wellness | Jul 10, 2015

Retirement is a phase in life when people take time to explore interests they couldn't before. Many of these activity ideas for seniors can lead to happiness, friendships, and better health. Sometimes the projects and hobbies a person takes up in their later life can bring them results they never dreamed of. Here are three examples of individuals who used retirement to start a whole new life and became famous for it:

"Anna's sister suggested she try painting."

Take up an art project
Art is a great hobby. Painting, drawing or creating sculptures can provide older individuals with a creative outlet that can be inexpensive and emotionally uplifting.

Anna Marie Robertson knew how important it was to keep busy. According to the Galerie St. Etienne, Anna was born and raised on a farm. She worked since she was a young girl, performing household chores for neighbors, churning butter and selling her own potato chips. Once she reached retirement age, she began stitching but found her arthritis couldn't quite keep up with this hobby. Anna's sister suggested she try painting.

This is how Anna Marie Robertson became Grandma Moses. She didn't pick up a brush until she was in her 70's, but she became a nationally renowned artist. Her work became available in books, posters and traveling galleries. She was pictured on the cover of Time magazine and Edward R Murrow created a docu-drama about her life. Her paintings are still on display in art museums around the country, including the Galerie St. Etienne, the oldest U.S. gallery focusing on self-taught artists.

Try some recipes
With a new age comes a new diet and many seniors have found benefits when cooking for themselves. Retirement is the perfect time to try some new recipes or to share some old favorites with new people.

Bio. stated that Harland David Sanders had many jobs in his life. He was a fireman, an insurance salesman and a street car conductor. At age 40, he settled down by running his own service station in Kentucky. He opened a restaurant across the street and served fried chicken. It was so popular the governor of the state named him a colonel.

When Sanders finally closed his station and restaurant he was 62 and he decided he wasn't done yet. He started traveling the country with his fried chicken recipe in hopes of creating a franchise. Kentucky Fried Chicken - now KFC - became one of the largest fast food restaurants in the U.S and Colonel Sanders became an American icon.

Sanders was in his 60's when he first started franchising. Sanders was in his 60's when he first started franchising.

Explore your hobbies, crafts or interests
A person with a career usually has some hobbies on the side. There are accountants who play guitar in their off-hours and school teachers who photograph nature on weekends. Retirement can provide you with a chance to turn your hobby into a full-time occupation.

Peter Mark Roget was an accomplished doctor and secretary of the Royal Society. The BBC said that throughout Roget's professional life, his medical opinion was sought by his peers. He would give public lectures and publish papers on a variety of medical topics. The slide rule he designed was the educational standard until calculators were introduced.

At the age of 62, he retired from the medical field and that is when he became a household name. Roget had a hobby throughout his writing and speaking career of compiling lists of synonyms for the words he commonly used. After he retired, he worked on these lists for over a decade until he was able to publish Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases. The book became an educational and literary tool still finding use to this day. That is an accomplishment that is substantial, significant and considerable.