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Embracing technology as a senior

Finance & Planning | Jul 09, 2015

Technology provides users with ways to simply accomplish various tasks. In addition to the plethora of fun and interesting applications, you can also take advantage of many that have been specifically designed for the needs of seniors. Know the benefits of certain apps for seniors and what they can provide for you.

Sunrise Senior Living, a senior care and residential facility, noted that seniors are quickly learning to adopt technology and use it more regularly to help simplify their lives.

App 411
An application, or more commonly known as app, is a software program engineered to serve a certain function. Small Business Trends, a technology and logistics resource for operations, noted that these programs are developed specifically for mobile devices, such as your smartphone or tablet.

Apps give you the ability to accomplish a wide range of different tasks conveniently. You can do something as simple and fun as playing a game or as important as managing your finances.

"Apps give you the ability to do a wide range of different tasks conveniently."

Apps for the fun of it
You can enjoy a number of interesting apps simply by downloading and using them on your tablet or smartphone.

There are a wide variety of different applications, and you can use many of them for free.

Words With Friends is a widely popular game that gives players the ability to interact with other individuals who downloaded the app and compete. You can either challenge family and friends or an anonymous competitor.

If you enjoy NPR programming, download the app and enjoy listening to radio broadcasts and reading written articles about global news and other various articles.

Access movies and television shows by downloading a streaming app, such as Netflix. Downloading the application is free, but you need a subscription to Neflix to access its content. Fortunately, the subscription is only $7.99 a month for unlimited access to a large library of various movies and television shows.

For other interests you may have, such as baking, cooking or sports, search for related apps in the app store.

Stay in touch
Social media gives you the ability to connect with your loved ones. Consider creating a Facebook profile, Twitter or Instagram account to connect with your family members or friends online and see pictures posted or other information about their lives. In addition, Skype or iChat are examples of a technology that allows you to video chat with family and friends. You can call another person and talk while also seeing him or her on your screen.

If you need help getting started, ask a family member or friend to help you create a profile or account and download the mobile applications to start easily communicating with your loved ones.

Technology can help you stay connected with your loved ones. Technology can help you stay connected with your loved ones.

Download apps for your health care needs
Bankrate noted that there are many emerging apps designed for seniors that you will be able to access. Many of them are designed around helping with health concerns and issues that directly affect seniors.

One application called Caremerge is specifically designed for caretaker use and gives them the ability to track patients' health care procedures on a mobile device or Web browser.

"Health care is one of the highest regulated industries in the U.S.," said Asif Khan, CEO of Caremerge?. "There is a lot of paperwork for compliance and reimbursement, and the workforce is not highly skilled. That's a bad combination. It's tied very closely to litigation, because if the documentation is not straight, they can't prove anything."

GetMyRX is an app that eliminates the extra time spent standing in line waiting for your medication. The app asks you to simply enter your prescription, doctor's name, your name, insurance information, address and phone number to place an order for your prescribed drugs. Within a few minutes, the pharmacy will call to confirm your order, the copay and set up a time for the delivery that is most convenient for you.

You can also scan a refill or new prescription by snapping a picture and a local pharmacy will call to confirm and schedule a delivery to your home on the same day.

Other applications can remind you when to take different medications and help you stay on track.

Embrace new technology and use applications that can help improve your life and remain connected with your loved ones.