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Starting your yogi career: Part 1

Fitness | Jun 02, 2015

No matter your age, yoga can provide both mental and physicals benefits to an individual. According to AARP, regularly practicing yoga strengthens your bones, reduces your anxiety, improves your balance, sharpens your mind and so much more. Fitness for seniors is a crucial component to overall wellness and yoga can provide that.

When you decide to start incorporating this beneficial exercise into your life, you will want to find a few things to ensure you are able to practice regularly to reap yoga's full benefits. For example, knowing where you will practice, deciding whether you want to invest in a studio membership and determining what supplies you will need to purchase are crucial when beginning your journey as a yogi.

Follow these tips when deciding what you will need for your yoga journey:

Speak with your health care provider
Before investing any time or energy into the research and preparation for practicing this exercise, reach out to your doctor and ask whether you can safely participate. He or she can provide valuable insight and help you determine the type of yoga that is best for you.

Schedule an appointment and note what your health care provider recommends to ensure you properly and safely move forward with practicing yoga.

Create a yoga space in your home
The Yoga Journal, a resource for yogis, noted you can dedicate a room or small area in your house to practicing yoga. If you have an extra room, you can turn it into your own private studio. Add a few candles, and keep the lighting soft. Also, consider putting up a mirror so you can monitor your form to ensure you are properly holding the various poses.

"Also try to repurpose materials to use in your yoga space. "

If you do not have an entire room, all you need is a small space where you can roll out your yoga mat and comfortably exercise.

"Appreciate what you have, and sometimes your home offers you a corner or an area of another room," stated Jagatjoti Khalsa, a yoga room designer, according to the Yoga Journal.

In addition, try to repurpose materials to use in your yoga space. This will save you money as you transform the area into a place to practice.

Purchasing a yoga mat
According to Greatist, a blog to enhance overall well-being, knowing what type of yoga mat you should invest in is very important. The price, material, stickiness and length are some factors you must consider when looking at different mats.

"You may also want to consider a thicker mat if your knees require more support."

As an older adult, it is crucial that your mat is sticky to prevent slipping. Consider purchasing a nonslip towel for the top of your mat if you tend to sweat a bit more. You want to ensure you can safely practice on a new yoga mat.

You may also want to consider a thicker mat if your knees require more support.

Don't hesitate to try out a mat before purchasing one. When shopping, speak with an in-store professional to ensure the mat fits your needs and your body.

Know what to wear
Before you head to the store to buy expensive clothing intended for yoga, ensure you know what is best for this exercise. Livestrong.com, a lifestyle and wellness blog, suggested wearing clothing that is most comfortable for you.

In addition, you want to wear pants that do not restrict movement. The material should fit snug but still be comfortable. Avoid tripping by not wearing pants that are too long - capris are a great choice.