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Three ways to stay healthy at the end of winter

Senior Wellness | Mar 13, 2015

The cold of winter is receding and spring is on the horizon. But just because it's getting nicer out doesn't mean flu season has come to an end.

Staying healthy is easier than you think. Following a few tips can ensure you spend the upcoming weeks enjoying the sun, instead of bed-ridden with a cough or cold.

Wash hands and repeat
The best way to combat illness is to wash your hands often. This simple task can mean the difference from getting sick and staying healthy, so do it often through the day.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the influenza virus can live on surfaces for two to eight hours. So while you could still come into contact with virus, in between periods where you wash your hands, it's good to keep hand sanitizer close by, as it can kill almost all germs.

Get a full eight hours
A surefire way to avoid getting sick is to get a full night of sleep. From making sure your body has enough energy to keeping your mind focused, sleep is a critical part of overall health. Getting into the habit of sleeping at least eight hours a night will ensure you stay healthy until the flu season is through.

Eat right and exercise often
An immune system is more susceptible to illness if you already lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Watching what you eat and staying fit can will keep the body ready to not only combat the flu, but it will prevent you from getting it in the first place.